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Ever since its beginnings, F.B.A.I. has wanted to identify itself with the age-old, authentic roots of foundry workmanship. Using the same processes and methods as in bygone centuries to achieve the same excellent results. Following this path the Company has grown over time through exhibiting at international trade fairs, but also through collaboration with highly reputed designers and artists, including Professor Mario Vallini. In the union between bronze and porcelain – produced, modelled and finished in the other Perego family company: Tiche Porcellane d’Arte -, both the manufacturing and artistic value of F.B.A.I. creations is increased even further. But whilst all this belongs to its history, the Company today is more active than ever. F.B.A.I. in fact is constantly on the lookout for new solutions, ideas and inspiration, to meet the requirements of an ever-changing customer base. Age-old at its heart, in the way it works, yet projected towards the future to cater for the tastes of a discerning and constantly changing clientele.

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